1977, Polydor (Europe). Janus (USA).

Recorded / Mixed: late 1977 at Trident Studios, London UK.
Producer: Terry Thomas, Julian Colbeck and Eugene Organ.
Line-up: Terry Thomas/ John Anderson/ Steve Gadd / Julian Colbeck/ Eugene Organ.

No Second Chance having achieved some success in the US the doors were thrown open. Charlie was to make only the second 48-track recording ever. Trident were now at the cutting edge of recording technology having installed the Studer synchronization unit that allowed two 24 track machines to be run together.

In reality it was a nightmare - it took 30 seconds to synchronize and very often failed - usually at 2 AM when there was no one around to fix it. The Charlie sound evolved with all these tracks available with lots more vocals.

Memories: mixing 48 tracks without today’s automation meant three people on the front console and three people on the rear console. We rehearsed the mix everybody had their moves then we did it. If anybody made a mistake - start again!! During one such giant mix session, the assistant engineer assigned to the 1/4” master failed to spot that tape had been, with each new mix, building up beyond the confines of tape spool. Eventually, ‘uncontained’ tape had blossomed out a couple inches and then simply exploded, raining thousands of feet of shredded tape all over the studio. Dead silence was followed by tears and a swift exit by the assistant. Then we started all over again. Again.

Technical Notes

RECORDING ROOM: Trident A Range Console, 24 track Studer recorder JBL4350 monitors.
MIXING ROOM: Trident B Range Console Trident Fleximix Console, Cadac monitors 2x Studer 24 track recorders.

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