2009, Voiceprint/

Recorded & Mixed: 2008 at Livingston Studios London, TT Studios, London.
Producer: Terry Thomas.
Line-up: Terry Thomas.

Originally designed as a solo album but Julian Colbeck’s keyboard contributions and Martin Smith's slide guitar together with the Charlie vocal sound gave it a more contemporary 'group' feel. So, a Charlie album it became. Writes Terry: “I got my good friend Steve Alexander (Jeff Beck/Duran Duran and many others) to play the drums which we recorded at old favourite studios Livingston. 14 songs in 2 days!

“I then took it back to my studio and got various people I had worked with to contribute Janne Jarvis (Hate Gallery) bass on 2 tracks Charlie Barratt (ex Fixx) bass on 2 tracks. Andy Bloom played guitar on 2 tracks. Julian sent me his parts from California, and Martin played slide. Steve Gadd is now Iron Maiden’s tour manager and wasn't around. John Anderson has retired from playing, and Eugene's still in California. So I did the rest myself.

“When you're in your own studio working on your own songs time becomes immaterial so it took me a fair while to finish but I did.

Memories: getting Julian’s Fender Rhodes part back for West Coast Thing loading it into the song and hearing the song come alive.” (Aww, says Julian).

Technical Notes

Livingston: SSL G-series console, Pro Tools HD system, Eastlake monitors.
TT studio: Logic Pro Software, MOTU 2408x3 hardware, Quested monitors.

Get A Life • Kitchens Of Distinction • Popstar • Shit TV • Don't Let Go • Alchohol • Cars • Never Be The Same • Blue Sky Bullshit • West Coast Thing • Art Of Cool • It's Not Enough

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